Monday, April 9, 2012


What would it look like if there was no brokenness on earth? What would it look like if humans were incapable of hurting one another? How would relationships look if this were true?

I had a relationship issue come up that really hit me hard and it got me thinking about all of these things. I think the easiest answer is that the world would look a lot more like heaven, but then again what do we really know of heaven? It is mysteries wrapped within mysteries, the details are rather ambiguous. All I know is that in that moment of intense pain, I want so badly to be someone else. I want to cut out my heart and my memories and replace them with new ones. It's in that moment that I begin to understand why this world is so quick to turn to suicide, and divorce, and anger that puts up so many barriers. I begin to see how wars were started and how abortion became such a commonplace all begins with hurt and brokenness that snowballs into more and more and more, leading us down some of these paths.

But here comes the but......but then I am reminded that the one real positive of brokenness, is that it causes me to understand my utter dependence on my Savior. The One whom my very next breath comes from, the One who holds the keys to all things, the One who has my best interest at heart, the One who sacrificed Himself in such a gruesome way, taking on all our iniquities.

Do you know what iniquity actually means? It literally translates in Hebrew to mean that we are slaves to our sin, we are bound to it. Meaning that God, who is the very definition of perfect, chose to take on our slavery to sin as His so that we would know grace. That baffles me. No baffle is not the right word, if I even attempt to wrap my mind around that I end up on my face in praise. I am so undeserved. And yet, I have been freely offered this gift from my Savior. In my brokenness I remember that if I am so deeply loved by Him, that's all I need. And it's in that moment of realization that brokenness has to flee, because I have authority over it. Now I don't know about you, but that is good news to me!

And that brings me back to heaven, regardless of the details of what heaven will be like, I can't wait to spend eternity with the One who loves me so incredibly.

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